My Top 5 Photos From 2016

This year photography-wise has not been so great for me. Mainly because I have felt discouraged and I know a lot of photographers do. Especially when they are just starting out and they feel like they cannot live up to those great photographers they see in social media groups, art galleries and so on. Believe me I know. For 2-3 years since we’ve lived in our current town, I’ve had at least 2-3 of my pictures published in the community calendar. I thought that was a huge deal. And then the last year I entered my photos I felt confident that I would get in again. I saw all the other photos being entered and man oh man, were there some people in my town that are great photographers and came out of hiding that year. Unfortunately, I did not get any of my photos in the calendar and I felt discouraged because some of these photos were really great.

I put my camera away, only to take it out for family things and things of that nature. I only took it out again this fall to help shoot a wedding. At that point I realized that I wanted to continue photographing things and people and turn it into a business.

Getting back on track with this post…with me putting my camera away I still got pretty good shots of things throughout the year and here are my top 5 favorites.


Stone Arch Bridge. Minneapolis, Mn



twig ball








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  • ThisDarlingAdventure

    December 20, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    These photos are so simple but absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing 🙂 and keep taking photos!

    1. Stephanie

      December 20, 2016 at 6:04 pm

      Thanks! 🙂

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