When I'm not photographing seniors or families, I spend time with my husband Matt (my very own Nerd Herd guy), and my 3 boys (15, 11 & 6), which I also homeschool.  We all live in a small community in the south part of the Twin Cities area. I love bonfires, summer thunderstorms, Harry Potter, and hydrangeas and if you really want to be friends, lets go get some Mexican food after your session!

My photography journey started out during my high school photo class and working with film development where I worked and fell in love with the process of turning an image I took and making it art. I never strayed too far away from my camera since then.  I've always taken pictures of my kiddos when they were babies and even now, as they are growing up capturing these moments in their life and that's exactly what I want to do for you.

If you’re looking for me, I am probably snuggled up under a blanket with a good book and can of Spindrift.

Welcome Friend!

Yep. You read that right. My family lived in Alaska a year or so prior to my brother and I came around. We moved "back" to Minnesota when I was four and have lived here ever since! 

I was born in ALaska.

ALL OF IT. The history. The culture. The people. The TV shows. It is my DREAM to live there sometime when the kiddos are out of the house. 

I'm obsessed with the united kingdom

I know...cue the 'eye roll'. Being in a sorority is NOTHING like what you see in the movies or on TV. Some of my best friends came from belonging to a group of ladies who were from all over and had a variety of personalities. 

I also like to claim that Carrie Underwood is my sister because she belonged to the same sorority as me. 

I was in a sorority in college

I will say, that having them at those intervals, was not at all planned. It's just how God wanted it to happen, and it did. 

My boys are all 4 years and 4 months apart

I will drink them hot, even in the summertime. My favorite place to get coffee fix is a local place called Bluenose Coffee. 

Love white chocolate mochas






Let's Get Personal

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I'm here to help you create those memories, those raw moments in this season of life you are now in. These are memories that will last beyond a lifetime, they will be passed on to generation to generation. I promise to capture the love between you and your kids, the love you all have together as a family or the confidence you have as a teen about to enter the big world of ours. I also promise to capture these moments as naturally as possible, the real beauty of the teen I'm photographing and the real silliness of each member of your family. 

I value the moments that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive, and that's why I'm here. So that you can relive those days, over and over.

My Philosophy

Stephanie Newman