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I don’t do a lot of large or extended family sessions maybe one or two a year. This year I had the opportunity to do 4 of them! I love meeting new families to photograph, but this one extended family consisted of a smaller family unit that had someone who is special to me. My friend Kaye and her adorable family I’ve known for some time. Kaye and her husband Tim went to the same college as me and my hubby and two of our kiddos are 3 months apart!

Extended Family Studio Session
Wickmann Family | 8th Street Studio, Farmington, Mn

December 30, 2022

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One of my favorite parts of my job, is working with all sorts of different families and members of those families. Including the fur babies. Jane, Ron, and Emily are my across the street neighbors. They are the most wonderful people and neighbors and we won the best neighbor lottery when they moved in across the street.

They are oh so kind and patient with my family, including my boys who love their puppers, and of course them too.

Along with their 3 pups ranging from small to big Kiwi, Duke and, Faleen respectively, we met at Whitetail Woods in Lakeville for their winter mini session. I had a blast hanging out with all of them and trying to get coordinate the puppers as well as the peoples.

Whitetail Woods Winter Session
Smith Family | Farmington, Mn

February 26, 2020

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These are my friends Robin and Nissa with their girls, Nora, Maggie and Hattie. And they’re moving to Belize in a few days!! They are going to be missionaries and will be working in at a children’s home down there for three years. And I cannot be more excited for them. They’ve been gathering support, packing and selling things since October and now it’s time for them to head out to be the hands and feet of God.
Nissa asked if I could do a session for her mom and dad to have of the girls and her parents. So of course I jumped at the opportunity to capture some sweet moments with Mimi and Papa before their daughter and family left on their journey to Belize.

Winter Indoor Family Session
Sutphen Family Session | Ames Center

February 13, 2020

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When Allie booked a mini session with me at the beginning of November I don’t think either one of us had imagined that we were going to be having their session in the SNOW! I had never done a family session in the snow before and I actually was really excited about it. 

If you know anything about me, I’m not a huge winter person. I don’t like being cold and the early dark nights that come with the winter season. BUT when you live in Minnesota you’ve gotta embrace the snow and cold and muscle through. Plus, it can be pretty. Am I right? 

Winter Family Session at Whitetail Woods
Andersen Family | Farmington, Mn

December 5, 2019