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This is the second time I’ve photographed this crew. And boy do I have fun with them. Getting to the point of actually meeting to do their session was not fun however.

We had originally scheduled this session for a Saturday after Christmas. That didn’t happen, there was a huge ice storm and since I live basically in the boonies, it wasn’t safe to meet. So…we bumped it back to May. And we all know what happened between Christmas and May. COVID. Because of the orders given by the Governor we couldn’t meet because they’re more than 10 people. We patiently waited it out until the restrictions on the amount of people were lessened. I’m so glad we waited.

Mel really wanted to have their photos done at Hot Sam’s. It’s totally her and her family’s personality. I had never been here and I’m glad that despite all the rescheduling we were able to have their session here. If you haven’t been to Hot Sam’s you should check it out some time. It’s really neat!

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