Shara + Chris | Couples Session | Farmington, MN


July 13, 2021

When Shara reached out to me in May for a session with her and her new husband. I had a moment of, um I don’t offer couples sessions. I’m gonna send her over to a fellow photographer that is more experienced with couples than me, but something was keeping me from doing just that. But then I re-read the reason why she reached out to me.

Her and Chris had a civil ceremony in December and really didn’t have anyone to take pictures of the day. I mean they did, but it was a family member that was taking the pictures. I fully understood why I hadn’t told her I was going to send her to someone who had more experience with working with couples.

When Matt and I got married, many moons ago, we lived on a shoestring budget. We both were still going to college, working mostly full time, and we had a toddler on top of it all. When we planned our wedding, we had to choose between a DJ at the reception – which was done by a kid I went to high school with- or a photographer. I opted for the DJ. Stupid mistake. My husband’s uncle took the pictures for us. And while they weren’t horrendous, looking back, I wished we had picked the photographer over the DJ.

I had so much fun getting to know these two as a couple. Chris had me in stitches after almost every shot I took of them, simply because he couldn’t contain how much he loves Shara!

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xo, Stephanie

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