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April 5, 2022

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you book a photo session. It’s a huge investment into your families memories and you want to get it just right. Finding the right photographer that meshes well with you and your personality. As well as, whether or not they have an indoor studio or, photograph the majority of their sessions outside.

Sessions that take place indoors at a studio you can adjust the light as need be with your flashes or other studio lights. As a natural light photographer, you only get the sun, to light your subjects and the location you’re in. Many people book their sessions thinking that the afternoon would be the best time to schedule their session thinking it’ll have the most light, but in reality, afternoon light is the worst time to do an outdoor shoot.

The afternoon light is harsh and can cause unflattering shadows on the subjects (meaning you!). Shade can help with diffusing the light, but you’re going to be limited on the locations that have can provide you with shade. The question is, when do you schedule your outdoor sessions?

Golden Hour

Any photographer who’s been in the industry for any length of time will tell you that the best time to schedule sessions outside is what is known as golden hour. This magical time of day generally happens either 1 hour after sunrise or 1.5-2 hours prior to the sun sets. It gives ya this GORGEOUS, buttery, golden glow to your images. Check out the images below to see what I am talking about.

When should I book my session then?

The sun sets at various times through out the year, you can plan on when the best time to schedule your sessions that works best for your family. March- July the sun begins to rise earlier and set later each day. And from August – December the sun will rise later and set earlier. If you have little kiddos who go to bed early, I highly suggest you book your sessions in the fall, because of when golden hour occurs. Or book your sessions in the early morning hours of the summer season. It all depends on your family dynamic or your schedule. If bedtime is not an issue for you, book it whenever you’d like!

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